how to uninstall ruby version manager – RVM

If you are using RVM ( Ruby Version Manager ) on your system, one day you will surely search ‘uninstall ruby version manager – RVM’.
That may require when you wrong or bad installation of RVM. Lets see, What the ways available to uninstalling Ruby Version Manager.

how to uninstall ruby version manager - RVM

uninstall ruby version manager – RVM

Solution: 1

We will start with following simple command, this command will remove rvm/ directories and all rubies what you install with RVM.

rvm implode --force

After above code, to remove full trace of the RVM, using below code. This will be remove RVM Gem.

gem uninstall rvm

Solution: 2

rm -rf ~/.rvm

You can also use above code to remove/ uninstall ruby version manager – RVM.


After the uninstall RVM using any one method of above, you have to remove some directories and files. See that things,

  • ~/.bashrc
  • ~/.bash_profile
  • ~/.rvmrc
  • ~/.profile
  • ~/.zshrc
  • ~/.zlogin

This above files may be presents. So don’t worry if this files are not available.

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