How to uninstall python pip package on windows

We can installed python using this steps. Ok, now we will see How to uninstall python package pip package.

How to uninstall python pip package on windows -

How to uninstall python pip package on windows

If script author is not provide the ‘Uninstall Script’ means, you have to uninstall with following command lines. First open Command Prompt.

python install --record file.txt

from above command line, – -record command is save/store the installed files to file.txt file. Backup should be take for reinstall.

With using of xargs, we can uninstall. See the following command line to uninstall,
cat file.txt | xargs rm -rf

If you want to uninstall the pip package, use below command line,

pip uninstall package_name

If you having any doubts, just ask here…

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