Step to uninstall Android Studio fully on Mac

We saw already about Android Studio installation. Now, we will see Step to uninstall Android Studio fully on Mac. Completely un-installation of Android Studio.

Step to uninstall Android Studio fully on Mac

Use the Following commands,

.gradle folder contains cached things. Use following code to delete gradle related files.
rm -Rfv ~/.gradle/

To delete all projects following code will help you. But think twice before delete this files.
rm -Rf ~/AndroidStudioProjects

Use followaing command to remove all Android SDK tools
rm -Rf ~/Library/Android*

To uninstall all AVDs(Android Virtual Devices) and *.keystore, use below code,
rm -Rf ~/.android
***Others Android IDE also use this folder as well. If you are going to use Other Android IDE, Don’t use above command.

To delete Emulator Console Auth Token, use below command
rm -Rf ~/.emulator_console_auth_token

Also remove following folder,

How to completely uninstall Android Studio on mac?

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