How to python install pip on windows 7 or windows 8

Install PIP on Windows

pip is the Package Management System. First we can see ‘How to install pip on windows’.

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  1. Download Setuptools and pip

  2. You can download pip from github Setuptools from bitbucket
    And confirm this aren’t harmful.

  3. Open Console

  4. As an Admin, just open console in the download folder. And run,


  5. Additional Recommend

  6. New Binaries pip.exe and easy_install.exe will be find in the "%ProgramFiles%\PythonXX\Scripts" folder (vice versa)

Another way to installing pip on windows

  1. Download & Extract

  2. Download pip version 1.2.1 from official pip site. After download just extract that.

  3. Change the Directory and Run

  4. Change the directory to extracted folder. like,
    cd <path to extracted folder>/pip-1.2.1

    and Run with following code,
    python install

Now you can install any package(software) using pip.

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