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Installation of WAMP Server

Find Video for Step to install WAMP Server at here Otherwise go-to end of the Article Installation of WAMP Server – step to install Download the WAMP Server I’ll give you simple steps for ‘Installation of WAMP Server’. We need to download the WAMP server Package .exe file from official WAMP server page. Choose file with Config of your system.

How to Install WordPress in Local Server?

Install WordPress in Local Server (WAMP) Download the WordPress Package and Extract I’ll show how to install wordpress in local server. Before start installation, First download WordPress Package from official WordPress site. Better download latest version of WordPress. Unzip the downloaded file in your server place(/www/), and rename the folder(for Ex, ‘my_project’).

Step to Download and install Autodesk AutoCAD It 2015- logo2

Step to Download and install Autodesk AutoCAD It 2015

Step to Download and install Autodesk AutoCAD , We are giving step by step and simple instructions to How to install Autodesk software. Following images may not match with yours, because it differ with versions and products. Download Autodesk AutoCAD and start to install You can download original and new version of Autodesk AutoCAD from official website.

How to manually Restart / Shutdown Jenkins ?

If you want to restart or Shutting down your Jenkins manually means, just follow up this article. For Restart: http://(jenkins_url)/restart This restart keyword, force the restart procedure without waiting to complete existing jobs. but, http://(jenkins_url)/safeRestart here safeRestart keyword is allow to complete any existing jobs.

Why Android Emulator is slow and how make it as faster?

Are you new to Android Emulator? Is android emulator slow? Are you want to make android emulator as faster? Actually android emulator is really slow. Some time you may think that application is slow. But that same application runs in real device (phone,tablet,…) as good fast. We can increase that speed of android emulator. For that, we have to install some SDK tools and have to change somethings. Just do following,

Step to uninstall Android Studio fully on Mac

We saw already about Android Studio installation. Now, we will see Step to uninstall Android Studio fully on Mac. Completely un-installation of Android Studio. Use the Following commands,