HTTP 404 error in wamp server

Nothing to worry for “HTTP 404 error in Wamp Server” problem. After install wamp server, when you run wamp server it’ll change green color icon in taskbar. But when you are going http://localhost/ it’ll show “HTTP Error 404”.

HTTP 404 error in wamp server - page not found

Causes for ‘HTTP 404 error in wamp server – page not found’:

This problem happening for Port issue. You may be install some services which one taking Port 80. Like,

IIS Express Web Server
Some Torrent Clients
So only ‘HTTP 404 error page not found’ happening.


You have to change your wamp server Port number. Just do following simple steps,

  1. Open httpd.conf file

  2. After run your wamp server, left click taskbar Wamp green icon. Then go-to Apache->httpd.conf

    (Otherwise open like: C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.2.22\conf )

  3. Change Listen 80

  4. There, Line number 46 having “Listen 80”.
    Just replace 80 as “81” like
         Listen 81

  5. Change ServerName localhost:80

  6. And Line number 171 having “ServerName localhost:80”.
    Just replace with same number as you used Line number 46. Like,
         ServerName localhost:81
    And save this file.

  7. Use URL

  8. Just restart your Apache or Wamp then use URL like following,
    http://localhost:81/ or ( here is your wamp IP )


1) Make sure your wamp running fine.

2) After change ’81’ it’s not working means just try with another number. like, 82, 8181,…

3) If you are using only ‘Skype’ from that list, better you having Nice SolutionS.

For Doubt / Wishes / improvement just Comment here…

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  1. shashank singh rawat says:

    thanks a lot..
    It help me a lot. I have tried so much to start my WAMP but its not working.. but now its working ..
    thanks once again ..

  2. Diana says:

    a very good article . After following the instructions I could start my wamp server. The only article that has helped me. Thank you for it!

  3. Vishrut says:

    Thanks a lot…it is very good steps or solution for this problem…Good Help (Y)

  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks for this valuable information! It’s great to see that green WAMP logo in my taskbar once again!

  5. tanuj says:

    Still localhost or phpmyadmin is not working

  6. razzsecret says:

    great article amazing

  7. waseem mankar says:

    Thank you very much for such a fabulous solution

  8. Jinendra says:

    i also do the same procedure but still not working.please help us bro…

  9. Swapnil says:

    Thanks you so much for this help!

  10. Sajith says:

    greate post! ThumbsUp

  11. shivang jindal says:

    Thanks alot.Relief ! :0

  12. Joe says:


  13. ranjeet says:

    its working.. thanks a lot

  14. samuel says:

    Thanks, it’s working perfectly

  15. alex says:

    my at last i find a solution to this problem. its been tough. thank you so much for this article. it completely solved the problem. keep it up. i will be following your blog

  16. Ceasar says:

    perfect Guide…Thanks!!

  17. mikha says:

    I need to do a website about Ballroom Reservation. Im not good with coding, I really need more tutorial how to create database to phpMyAdmin in wamp and php; create, edit, delete and view… I hope U can help me..

  18. vijeta says:


  19. noob says:

    This tutorial is bullshit, adding port 81???

  20. Fred says:

    Thank you sir! I just started learning php today and I ran into this problem. I’ve been searching the web for a solution and nothing worked until I came upon yours.

  21. .netdeveloper says:

    It works for me

  22. JG says:

    I’ve tried a lot of solutions with no luck. This one works! Thanks a LOT!!!

  23. olamide says:

    Thanks alot,you are weldone

  24. deepak says:

    graet article……………thanks

  25. AndrewTz says:

    My wamp server run correctly but I can’t access PHP file it’s says not found please help me thanks

  26. Youssef says:

    thanks a lot,
    that’s so helpful.

  27. shah dhrumit says:

    I am getting this erroe even after changing port from 80 to 81. plz help me..thanx in advance
    [Fiddler] The socket connection to localhost failed.
    ErrorCode: 10061.
    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

  28. salman says:

    Hi. I have installed a latest version of wamp server. When i tried to change the port number,in httpd.conf file i have 3lines as #Listen 12.34….. 80
    Listen …….80
    Listen ……..80

    In which line i need to change the port number. Please help me i sm in hurry.

  29. AAKASH JAIN says:

    Hi sir,

    1) Make sure your wamp running fine. ( My wamp server is working fine all services are running. Icon is green.)

    2) After change ’81’ it’s not working means just try with another number. like, 82, 8181,… ( I tried all the port )

    3) If you are using only ‘Skype’ from that list, better you having (Iam not using any application like skype,torrent,IIS7 etc..)

    pls help regarding this

  30. Ruben says:

    I changed 80 to 81 and it does not work my wampserver….. Suggestions?

  31. Lahiru Supun says:

    It’s worked. Thanks

  32. Bellz says:

    Thanks, brilliant solution. Keep it ip

  33. deepak says:

    Hey , its not working for me…
    While hitting localhost/newplatform … ( newplatform — my code local folder )
    its gave me 404 not find…

  34. Muhammad islam wattu says:

    Thanks so much sir …wamp working thanks again

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