Installation of MAMP Server

Installation of MAMP Server

We didn’t mension that MAC word on title like, ‘Installation of MAMP Server on MAC’. Because we know about MAMP. MAMP contains two version, free MAMP version and MAMP pro version. Here we are going to see install free MAMP version. MAMP pro version is a paid version which cost near $60, will see this one later. Let’s Go,

First we need to download the MAMP installation package from MAMP official website.

After the download completes open the downloaded file and start installation of MAMP server.

Installation of MAMP Server
After that we will see MAMP version or MAMP pro version. We are going to install MAMP free version, so just select MAMP.

Installation of MAMP Server

Now we need to make some basic configuration setup that includes PHP, Server Port, Apache. So click the “preference” button, before start Servers.

Installation of MAMP Server

After that click the “start/stop” button. Enable Start Server when starting MAMP and Stop Server when quitting MAMP.

You can disable Check for MAMP PRO when starting MAMP and Open start page at startup.

Click “Ports” button. Here we are going to set port numbers. For example set Apache port to 8888, MySQL port to 8889. If we set apache port to 80, we need to enter admin password every time.

After that click “PHP” and choose the latest version of PHP for higher security and stable performance.

Then click “Apache” button, click document root button and select the root folder as your wish.

Installation of MAMP Server

Now installation of MAMP server is finished successfully.

Installation of MAMP Server

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