How to Install Python-dateutil on Windows and Ubuntu

Are you going to convert the date-times to UTC or else? Python having Extensions for Date-times. That is dateutil. It’s standard Python datetime module. Now you may raise question as ‘How to install python-dateutil on Windows and Ubuntu?’

Want to Install Python?

Here we are giving simple step to install python-dateutil on windows 8,7 and Ubuntu. It’s for your ‘django tastypie’ too. Some time you may get following error when you installing ‘Python-dateutil’,

No local packages or download links found for dateutil-2.1
No module named setuptools

How to Install Python-dateutil on Windows and Ubuntu

How to Install Python-dateutil on Windows and Ubuntu

On Windows:

Simply use following code,
$ pip install python-dateutil
If you want with easy_install try below command,( run Command Prompt CMD as Administrator )
$ easy_install python-dateutil

On Ubuntu:

For Ubuntu OS use following code,
sudo apt-get install python-dateutil

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  1. Neeraj Bhanot says:

    Hello Sir, This is neeraj here..I wish to know that how to execute above process in case there is proxy server port for internet with username n password.

  2. Melindahieks says:

    XRumer16.0 is coming soon
    Good luck!

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