3 ways to solve WAMP and Skype Conflict

Who having or who want both “WAMP” server and “SKYPE”, You may have doubt with WAMP and Skype Conflict. We can solve this problem with 3 methods. One is wamp server side, second method from Skype side and another method Read Fully.

Install both WAMP and Skype Conflict - steptoinstall

Before the Solution first we have to know Why it’s happening. Actually to know causes of any doubts is the important.

Causes: WAMP and Skype Conflict

The Cause is Port number of running server.
When you install Wamp server, this server automatically take port 80 as default port number. So it’s set into config file of wamp.

When you run Skype, it’s first priority port is 80 only. If you have this problem you’ll 404 error when you run Wamp server.

3 ways to solve WAMP and Skype Conflict - 404 error - steptoinstall

Solution: 1 ( from WAMP )

You have to change the port number of Wamp Server is the one way. When you install wamp server, port number 80 is set in your httpd.conf file. If you change that port number this problem won’t happen.


If you want to change port number of WAMP server means goto this link. Here We are giving step by step instructions to change port number of Local Server.

Solution: 2 ( from Skype )

Second method is change Port number of Skype application. This is 1 minute step.

Open Skype -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection

3 ways to solve WAMP and Skype Conflict - use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections - steptoinstall

and Uncheck option “use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”, and SAVE. That’s all. What more?

Solution: 3

This is interesting and easy step. Just understanding of the problem is thing. If you understood before read this 3rd solution, it’s rocks!!!

See the story,

Wamp server only set the port number when install. Skype having alternate port numbers (80 or 443). If you run Wamp server at first and then run Skype means, you won’t get this problems. Why because, wamp take port 80 and then Skype take 443. Unfortunately what happening, skype having option ‘to run skype when open your windows’. So,Quit Skype then run WAMP server and then run your Skype.

Quit Skype -> Run Wamp -> Run Skype


Open Skype -> Tools -> Options -> General Settings
and Uncheck option ‘Start Skype when I start Windows’.

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