How to manually Restart / Shutdown Jenkins ?

How to manually Restart / Shutdown Jenkins -
If you want to restart or Shutting down your Jenkins manually means, just follow up this article.

For Restart:

This restart keyword, force the restart procedure without waiting to complete existing jobs.

here safeRestart keyword is allow to complete any existing jobs.

If you installed as a rpm or deb, then following command will be work,
service jenkins restart

On Ubuntu:

when installed through apt-get/dpkg,
$ sudo /etc/init.d/jenkins restart
Usage: /etc/init.d/jenkins {start|stop|status|restart|force-reload}

For safety shutdown Jenkins:

If you want safety shutdown your Jenkins, try below one,

You can kill your all process, using kill keyword,

1) For more commands of Jenkins are available from cli keyword.

2) When you install some plugins, it’ll say ‘needs to be restarted’ and it’ll go to ‘shutting down’ mode. Actually it is not real shutdown. It’s a notification to all users that Jenkins is going be restarted soon.

3) If you want to uninstall / remove Jenkins Application just go to here.

Now get solution for,

How to manually Restart / Shutdown Jenkins

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