How to install, uninstall and reinstall Ubuntu Software Center?

The program can be used to add and manage repositories as well as Ubuntu Personal Package Archives (PPA) and on Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Software Center also allows users to purchase commercial applications. For more…

If you want to Uninstall and/or re-install the Software Center of Ubuntu, we are giving simple solution for that. You can easily install, uninstall and reinstall using commands in Terminal.
How to completely  install, uninstall and reinstall Ubuntu Software Center -

To Install Ubuntu Software Center

Using following two commands you can Install/Re-Install Your Software Center of Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get update;
sudo apt-get install software-center

You should run sudo apt-get update, because sometime apt cache seems broken & apt can’t find the package(s). So, this Update command resolve this problem.

To Uninstall Ubuntu Software Center

If you want to completely remove your Ubuntu Software Center means, use below code in your terminal,

sudo apt-get remove software-center

To Re-install Ubuntu Software Center

To Reinstall, follow First 2 commands. Same installation steps for reinstall.


1) sudo apt-get install software-center* won’t give good result (in all-times).
2) To open Terminal for commands, Use Ctrl + Alt + T.
3) You can also use sudo apt-get autoremove software-center for Uninstall Software Center of Ubuntu.

How to install, uninstall and reinstall Ubuntu Software Center?

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