How to Install Python (PIP) on a Mac OS X?

How to Install Python (PIP) on a Mac OS X - steptoinstall
We are giving 3 solution for ‘How to Install Python (PIP) on a Mac OS X?’. All are simple and working methods.

  1. Method 1:
  2. Install Homebrew first. To install Homebrew use following code. If you want to more about Installation of Homebrew, Go.
    ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

    Than using brew, install Python. See below code,

    brew install python

    Here ‘python’ is the keyword. You can use ‘python3‘ for Python Version 3. If you installed ‘Homebrew’ before, then Upgrade your Homebrew using following code,

    brew update

    Using this way we can install Wget, Eclipse, PyDev, Imagemagick, Postgresql and so on… to know more.

  3. Method 2:
  4. We can Install Python using easy_install package installer. Use following code to install Pip Python on Mac OS X,

    sudo easy_install pip

  5. Method 3:
  6. For 3rd method, first download from Official Website. Then Call below code to install,

    sudo python

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    How to Install Python (PIP) on a Mac OS X?

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