How to Install and Update CocoaPods – Xcode – Rubygems

How to Install and Update CocoaPods - Xcode - Rubygems

How to Install and Update CocoaPods

When you are installing CocoaPods using CocoaPods’s official site, You are using following code to install. Right?

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

But, sometimes it won’t work. You are followed that official instructions only. Then Why No Response from Cocoapods? Leave all thing, just Install Cocoapods using following code then say to us, what happening?

$ sudo gem install cocoapods -V

Update Cocoapods

If You wanna update your Cocoapods to latest version, first uninstall your Cocoapods using following code,

$ sudo gem uninstall cocoapods

Then you can Install cocoapods as what we given.


You can update your Cocoapods using one line command,

$ sudo gem update cocoapods

If you wanna update to previous release version ( not previous version ), use following command,

$ sudo gem update cocoapods --pre


1) If you want to update your package manager, use this code
sudo gem update --system

2) sometimes you may get “[!] The master repo requires CocoaPods 0.32.1“, for this problem Just update your Cocoapods. The following two tabs change content below.

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