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Step to Install JOOMLA in WAMP Localhost

First Install WAMP Server/XAMPP for Base. For Direct Online base, Will tell you another in post. 1. Download Joomla Package      Download the Joomla package from Official Page. Better select the latest version of it.      After download, extract .zip file and re-name it. For ex: joomla 2. Place Joomla and Create Database      Paste that joomla folder into the www folder of WAMP. Or htdocs folder of XAMPP.     Then create the MySQL Database in localhost WAMP/XAMPP. For example here testjoomla Database created. 3. Joomla – Configration setup       Go to setpage of Joomla...

Step to Install .whl Wheel File

Using pip tool we can install Python package Wheel. If you already have that .whl wheel file, that can also install in python using pip. CASE 1: If you have the .whl wheel file means, use following code,pip install C:/any-dir/wheel_file.whlhere, C:/any-dir/ is path of that wheel_file.whl file. CASE 2: If you want discover, download and install a Python package means,pip install project_namehere, project_name is any of Python package. Use wheel word for install wheel file. For example,pip install wheel

How to install run Google Play Store on Computer Laptop windows

How to install/run Google Play Store on Computer Laptop windows XP,7 or 8 The Google Play Store is the place to download and access the Android Mobile Applications. Here Application means, Games, Players, Music, Movies and others like Whatsapp, Viber… What the problem is, We can’t use Google Play Store on laptop or PC (Personal computer) with Windows any version. So simple way to access Google Play Store by Computer or laptop is, Android Emulator. In the market, lot of Android Emulator are avaliable. Like Bluestacks, Andyroid… Here we are going to install Bluestacks App Player to access the Google...

Install PEAR with wamp server on windows

Install PEAR with WAMP server on windows 7 or windows 8 seems easy. First we have to install WAMP server. Make sure wamp is running fine. Download go-pear.phar file and place You should download go-pear.phar file from Official site. You can place this file in the following directory, C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3

Installation of WAMP Server

Find Video for Step to install WAMP Server at here Otherwise go-to end of the Article Installation of WAMP Server – step to install Download the WAMP Server I’ll give you simple steps for ‘Installation of WAMP Server’. We need to download the WAMP server Package .exe file from official WAMP server page. Choose file with Config of your system.

How to Redirect Page URL using HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP and so on

Want to redirect URL? Want to redirect one page to another page? We will give all programming language’s solutions. We will make it simple. Code for Redirect Page URL using HTML Use following HTML code to redirect the page URL, <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=”/> here 0 is seconds of waiting, and url= having your destination URL. One more way available in HTML,