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The service is invalid Please check your setup and try again (0XE8000022) error in IPhone - Steptoinstall

The service is invalid error in iphone 0XE8000022

When we are installing(build/run) new app on IPhone, sometime we will get following problem.

This error is not a major issue. We will fix it by a simple step. It’s call Restart your IPhone. We need the IPhone to slove this The service is invalid error Error. Another Method: In case, still having this issue, please follow following steps, 1) Restart the Xcode. 2) Delete the .app from iOS device/IPhone, do Clean then Rebuild. 3) Disconnect, reconnect device/IPhone. 4) Restart iOS device/IPhone. 5) If it’s fails, restart your Mac and Device/IPhone. Important Notes: If iPhone 5 is running iOS...

How to Redirect Page URL using HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP and so on

Want to redirect URL? Want to redirect one page to another page? We will give all programming language’s solutions. We will make it simple. Code for Redirect Page URL using HTML Use following HTML code to redirect the page URL, <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=”/> here 0 is seconds of waiting, and url= having your destination URL. One more way available in HTML,