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How to manually Restart / Shutdown Jenkins ?

If you want to restart or Shutting down your Jenkins manually means, just follow up this article. For Restart: http://(jenkins_url)/restart This restart keyword, force the restart procedure without waiting to complete existing jobs. but, http://(jenkins_url)/safeRestart here safeRestart keyword is allow to complete any existing jobs.

Why Android Emulator is slow and how make it as faster?

Are you new to Android Emulator? Is android emulator slow? Are you want to make android emulator as faster? Actually android emulator is really slow. Some time you may think that application is slow. But that same application runs in real device (phone,tablet,…) as good fast. We can increase that speed of android emulator. For that, we have to install some SDK tools and have to change somethings. Just do following,

3 ways to solve WAMP and Skype Conflict

Who having or who want both “WAMP” server and “SKYPE”, You may have doubt with WAMP and Skype Conflict. We can solve this problem with 3 methods. One is wamp server side, second method from Skype side and another method Read Fully. Before the Solution first we have to know Why it’s happening. Actually to know causes of any doubts is the important. Causes: WAMP and Skype Conflict The Cause is Port number of running server. When you install Wamp server, this server automatically take port 80 as default port number. So it’s set into config file of wamp. When...

WAMP shows error ‘VCRUNTIME140.dll’ is missing and won’t turn green

WAMP Server won’t turn to green colour. Suddenly wamp will show following error, The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem. Solution is Simple. Just 3 steps. 1. UnInstall WAMP Server First uninstall your wamp server. 2. Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio Then install latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio with suitable package (32bit or 64bit). The latest supported Visual C++ downloads 3. Reinstall Wamp Server After that, now you can Install WAMP Server without Problem. Enjoy!!! Now you won’t get WAMP shows error...

The service is invalid Please check your setup and try again (0XE8000022) error in IPhone - Steptoinstall

The service is invalid error in iphone 0XE8000022

When we are installing(build/run) new app on IPhone, sometime we will get following problem.

This error is not a major issue. We will fix it by a simple step. It’s call Restart your IPhone. We need the IPhone to slove this The service is invalid error Error. Another Method: In case, still having this issue, please follow following steps, 1) Restart the Xcode. 2) Delete the .app from iOS device/IPhone, do Clean then Rebuild. 3) Disconnect, reconnect device/IPhone. 4) Restart iOS device/IPhone. 5) If it’s fails, restart your Mac and Device/IPhone. Important Notes: If iPhone 5 is running iOS...