Step to Install

‘Your Projects’ Links Not working in WAMP Server

When you Install WAMP Server newly, you may this problem. In the homepage of Wamp Server, you can’t open your’s projects in the ‘Your Project‘ column. When you click any your Project links, It won’t be open. It will be redirect to ‘Page Not Found Error’. Solution: 1. Go to www folder in wamp folder. 2. Open index.php file in www folder. 3. Go to line 30: $suppress_localhost = true; 4. Edit that line to: $suppress_localhost = true; 5. Save that file. It will ensure the project is prefixed with your localhost Name/IP.

Step to Install .whl Wheel File

Using pip tool we can install Python package Wheel. If you already have that .whl wheel file, that can also install in python using pip. CASE 1: If you have the .whl wheel file means, use following code,pip install C:/any-dir/wheel_file.whlhere, C:/any-dir/ is path of that wheel_file.whl file. CASE 2: If you want discover, download and install a Python package means,pip install project_namehere, project_name is any of Python package. Use wheel word for install wheel file. For example,pip install wheel

ImportError: No module named _tkinter when Import TKinter for Python

At most of the time, when we try to import the TKinder to your Python, we may get the following error message, ImportError: No module named _tkinter If you are using Ubuntu or Debian OS try following code

Here, python3.6 is mention version of the Python. It may depend upon the version, like,

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Step to install missing Perl Modules

When we running Perl script, we should get the following error at least once. Just so find Step to install missing Perl Modules. Can’t locate in @INC here, that can change by any other Modules. Like,Can’t locate in @INCCan’t locate in @INCCan’t locate Net/SSH/ in @INCCan’t locate in @INCCan’t locate in @INCCan’t locate in @INCCan’t locate in @INCCan’t locate Archive/ in @INCCan’t locate LWP/ in @INCCan’t locate Box/Core/ in @INC,… In Windows If using ActivePerl in windows, that PPM (Perl Package Manager) can do it simple by following sample code, # ppmppm>...

Installation of MAMP Server

We didn’t mension that MAC word on title like, ‘Installation of MAMP Server on MAC’. Because we know about MAMP. MAMP contains two version, free MAMP version and MAMP pro version. Here we are going to see install free MAMP version. MAMP pro version is a paid version which cost near $60, will see this one later. Let’s Go, First we need to download the MAMP installation package from MAMP official website. After the download completes open the downloaded file and start installation of MAMP server. After that we will see MAMP version or MAMP pro version. We are going...

Update/Change PHP version in Godaddy

Sometime you wanna to know, what version of PHP you are using in your Godaddy Account. Else you want to do Update or Upgrade the PHP version. Lets see, what to do for that, 1. Sign-in your Godaddy Account. 2. Go to My Products Page of Godaddy. 3. In the Web Hosting block, Click the Manage Button. 4. If you are in old version of PHP, you may have Alert in Main section. There you can directly upgrade your PHP version, by click the Upgrade Button. 5. In case of change the version or upgrade any other version means, In...